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He's more of a zombie than a ghost, and his condition is due to his cussedness rather than unfinished business, but he still won't "move on". As Grampa's body starts to decay and he begins to attract flies, someone puts a spoonful of black pepper into his handkerchief. The next time he wipes his face, the pepper makes him sneeze. He finally admits that he has died, and "lays down his burden".

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He was convinced because the sneeze blew his nose off. In The Tudors Henry's first three wives visit him. Whether they are real or just Henry's hallucinations is up for debate, but all three claim they've come to see their children and to give Henry a piece of their mind regarding how poorly he treated them in life.

About midway through that season, there is a scene where Charles Brandon interacts with the ghost of a nobleman whom he was in charge of having executed on Henry's orders for participating in the Pilgrimage of Grace the only serious rebellion in Henry's entire reign.

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With hindsight, it's now pretty obvious that the entire point of that scene was to lay the groundwork for the scenes that the above troper is referring to, and to establish that they are, in fact, real. In Supernatural most ghosts tend to be fueled by rage over the manner of their death and burning their bones is the only way to stop them from hurting innocents. Ghosts with Unfinished Business tend to be after revenge but once they achieve it they will just find a new justification for sticking around.

When Bobby becomes a ghost he is told that ghosts can only affect the material world if they become extremely serene or if they channel massive rage. Most ghosts just stick around and fade away without affecting the living.

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Bobby himself originally decided to stick around as a ghost to help Sam and Dean fight the leviathans. However, the brothers soon become worried that he is being overtaken by his desire for revenge against the leviathan who killed him. They are afraid that if they actually manage to defeat the leviathans, he will be too far gone to move on willingly. When they start worrying about him, he keeps insisting that he can control it. But he realized he almost killed Dean and Sam, and tells him to burn his whisky bottle so he can cross over before hurting anyone else.

In Life On Mars , Sam Tyler returns to the real world as he initially wanted but then realizes that he preferred his world with Annie , so he commits suicide by jumping off the police station. In The Master's Sun many of the ghosts seek Gong Shil because there are things that the living need to know. The main characters all have unfinished business that affects their ability to move on with life.

A ghost in Deadtime Stories haunts two girls until her stolen doll is returned. Considering she died the very day the doll was stolen from her, she's stuck in the form of a very young child and is quite attached to it. Korean Drama Who Are You? Specifically, she is seeing the ghosts of murder victims who want her to catch the people that killed them. Among many others, the legend of the ghost of Ann Walker. In America's Most Haunted , the ghost of the Historic Theater is defeated when the player completes his unfinished play.

Parodied in the Storyteller sketch in John Finnemore's Souvenir Programme Season 8 Episode 1, with the ghost of a small business owner, whose unfinished business is his actual business. He therefore cannot pass over until either the company goes bankrupt or it amasses all the money in the world, which is the only win condition he can think of, and one that he acknowledges is impossible.

Anderson : You know that tiresome saying that no-one on their deathbead ever wished they'd spent more time at the office?


Well, I did, and so here I am. Tabletop Games. The ghost-based games of the New and Old World of Darkness systems take this trope and run with it: The wraiths of Wraith: The Oblivion have a number of ties that keep them connected to their old life, such as Passions emotions and drives that defined them in life and Fetters emotional connections and objects of importance. Most wraiths seek to keep their Fetters protected so they can maintain their power, but quite a few attempt to "resolve" their Passions and Fetters so that they can Transcend and move on.

Orpheus often has agents of the Orpheus Group attempt to resolve a ghost's Unfinished Business to get rid of them, unless they become too violent or dangerous to deal with. In addition, there are a number of powerful, strong-willed ghosts who act as agents for the company, usually because they too have something they need to accomplish before they can move on. In the New World of Darkness these traits are split between ghosts and Revenants. Ghosts which appear to, for the most part, merely be psychic echoes left behind by departing souls, with little to no sentience possess fetters renamed "anchors" which represent things of significance to the dead person which their ghost is metaphorically attached to basically things which would have held part of their minds back while their souls were moving on.

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While resolving a ghost's issues can be used to set it free allowing it to move on , it is just as easy to simply destroy the anchor particularly since some ghosts might not actually have issues which can be resolved. Revenants are corpses reanimated by souls which refuse to move on because they possess a Passion, from which they derive will and power. They also can be gotten rid of by simply destroying their bodies or helping them resolve their Passion.

Geist: The Sin-Eaters has clarified the role of Anchors for ghosts: as long as a ghost is tethered to the world by Anchors, they're unable to change.

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  5. They may stagnate and spiral downwards, but they can't grow. Once their Anchors are broken or resolved, they migrate to the Underworld, where they're able to develop once more. As such, Sin-Eaters know rituals that allow a ghost to pass on to the Underworld instantly once its business is resolved, and there's an entire Archetype defined by aiding restless spirits settle matters.

    Resolving the business of ghosts has a benefit to Sin-Eaters that goes beyond charity, however, as helping a ghost to pass on refills their pool of Plasm. Van Richten's Guide to Ghosts recommends that Ravenloft monster hunters help non-malevolent ghosts to complete their Unfinished Business in order to end a haunting. For Evil ghosts, a standard ass-kicking is the preferred means of disposal, but discovering what Unfinished Business they'd left behind can provide clues to their vulnerabilities.

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    Mysterium deals with the ghost of a murdered valet which clings to the old manor he was killed in to help people elucidating his assassination. The premise of Hamlet. Prince Hamlet of Denmark is contacted by the ghost of his late father, the king, who reveals that he was murdered by Hamlet's Evil Uncle and commands Hamlet to take revenge. The ghost has been Barred from the Afterlife , or at least from Heaven, because of the sins he was not given time to seek absolution for before his death.

    In The Addams Family musical, Uncle Fester keeps the ghosts of their ancestors on Earth by locking them out of their crypt until they help him keep Wednesday and Lucas together. Video Games. This is half the plot of Another Code , as you have to help D regain his memories to get the best ending. In the sequel, this will also show up near the end of Matt's sub-plot as well. Final Fantasy X : Spira is crawling with "Unsent," people who get caught up in Unfinished Business and refuse to pass on. This is a problem for the living because, if left unexorcised, they turn into monsters.

    Some people avoid this through Heroic Willpower but most turn into monsters. Auron only hung around after his death because he'd promised Jecht to take care of Tidus, and to make sure Yuna grew up somewhere peaceful and free of corruption. Seymour is a dark er example, using his undeath as a way to continue pursuing his Omnicidal Maniac goals. He definitely turns into a monster, it just so happens that he kinda already was one. Much of the plot of the second game revolves around Shuyin and Lenne, two Unsent who need Yuna to play midwife to the dead.

    The World War 2 widow is implied to have reunited with her husband, and the drowned child seems happy to no longer be lost and confused.

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    The crazy gardener thinks he's boarding the UFO he's waiting for, and it turns out he's going anywhere but. Completing the quest grants Glenn his most powerful sword.

    As I lay dying, my heart burned with the thoughts of those I left behind. Rynith : Thank you, Fate, Arf. Meeting you and spending time with you have made me very happy. Using the magic I thought you Thank you.

    Unfinished business: Moon’s summit dreams echo late mentor

    I wish for your happiness from beyond the sky. My precious Fate and Arf Justin Chang of Variety called it "A comedy with its heart in the right place and everything else bizarrely out of joint. Little contained in this misfire of a film works and the few successful things are dragged out to the point where they die a lingering death". From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

    Theatrical release poster. British Board of Film Classification. February 17, Retrieved February 17, Retrieved February 12, Box Office Mojo. Retrieved November 10, Retrieved February 24, Online Vacations.