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Stay tuned… Keep yourself warm and the snow off your face.

New Orleans Web Design and Development - The Frisky - David Rhoden

I always looked for something to warm my neck through the cold winter days at places I like the most — snowy slopes! And because I hated wearing those old school and uncomfortable turtle necks since I remember, I was wearing neck warmers from ski shops. They do their primary function ok but I had the same problems over and over again. They are not adjustable so it is hard to keep them at the spot you want.

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Today I install darktable for speedtest Kernel 5. Do you use gimp, krita … for hue?? Frisky February Screenshots Showcase. Desktop Screenshots. You started it. Having a bad day? Am I attacking you now btw?

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TechnikHiLL 28 February I like that background. Where did you get it from? SGS 28 February The sound was piped throughout the whole loft space with speakers and in some rooms was louder than others. My senses were so overwhelmed with the delivery of the event, I forgot to ask who was playing.

Fast forward to today, where our tech advances have us far beyond blacklight paint on cardboard spaceships to projection mapping, video FX, 3D sound and a new-age sensory Shangri La. Or what if an event is meant to showcase quality and create a memorable, life-enriching experience? This is where Aures London comes in. I went to the site and sent an email with a small window of opportunity to visit and was accommodated with grace.

During the demo while I was there, we tested different kinds of music while we walked around to hear the sound from all angles of the space.

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When thinking outside the box, this venue, this incredibly creative space is a perfect choice. I could see it done up for everything from a poetry reading to a live electronic show to an underground experiential rave to an art exhibition or installation, the sky is the limit here.

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Or maybe the railway arch, in this case. And I am so happy I did.

Instagram Website. Toronto-based electronic musician, Amber Long spends her days lost in technology.

If she's not working with it, she's writing about it.