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Continent Tokyo e. Nationality Japan 3. Check the correct option to complete the sentences. This is Mary. She American. Hi, I Japanese. Hello, you Susan, right? This isThomas. She 2. Where you from? What your name?

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Read the profiles. Then, circle and correct the mistakes in the sentences a-f below. Self-Evaluation Now I can Larry Page is a computer scientist. He is Portuguese. Cristiano Ronaldo is Brazilian. He is a soccer player. Martina Garcia is Colombian. She is athletic. Larry Page is sociable. He is a computer scientist.

Cristiano Ronaldo is 32 years old. He is athletic. She is 28 years old. This is Larry Page, the creator of Google. He is from Michigan in the USA. He is 40 years old. He is creative.

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This is Cristiano Ronaldo. He is 28 years old. He is from Madeira. It is a Portuguese island.

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This is Martina Garcia. She is an actress. She is 32 years old. She is Colombian. She is from Bogota. She is sociable. Glossary The unit ends with a Glossary and a number of Glossary Activities. References Gardner, H. Frames of Mind. TheTheory of Multiple Intelligences. Basic Books. Kagan, S. Cooperative Learning. San Clemente, CA. Kagan Publishing. Kumaravadivelu, B.

Beyond Methods. New Haven. Yale University Press.

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E lessons. I found out he was in Peru. H-I hold back: v. Head over heels in love: falling in love with someone.

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Make your blood boil: feeling very angry. Your heart sinks: feeling very sad. Activities on page 95 A-G ambitious: adj.


She is an analytical person. Jason is a competitive person. Unscramble the words and then match them with their definitions. Word Definition a. Match each illustration with a colloquial expression. Then, use the expressions to complete the sentences. Winning a gold medal at the Olympics was my biggest success. It was definitely a in my life. If Brazil is organizing the opening ceremony for the Olympic Games, you know that, as always, it will be done. Replace the words in bold face with a synonymous word from the glossary.

The farmer makes his money by selling his livestock. The beast was the ugliest looking thing that I have ever seen. The search for a cure for cancer is a worldwide effort. In China, dragons are mythical creatures. To Our Students The textbook that you have in your hands is a very important tool that will help you learn in the best way possible. A textbook should not be your only source of study and discovery; however, it will always be a good friend that will allow you to discover for yourself the wonder of learning.

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The Ministry of Education has made a curricular adjustment with the goal of providing better opportunities for all students in the country as part of a project that promotes full personal development and integration into a society that is guided by the principles of Good Living, democratic participation and harmonious coexistence. To accompany the launching of this educational initiative, we have prepared several resources according to age and years of schooling.

Teachers will receive a CD with songs in order to use music to familiarize students with their first words in English as a complementary material. From then on, until they complete the Bachillerato General Unificado, students will receive textbooks, audio CDs and extra resources that will contribute to the development of their learning in the areas of Science, Social Sciences, Language and Literature, Mathematics and Foreign Language-English.