Fix Any NICD Bosch Battery PST 14.4V Rotak 37 LI Rotak 43 LI 14.4v 36v 9.6v

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Close Add to cart. Includes Bosch GST Angle Sanders. Battery Lawnmowers. Chop Saws. Circular Saw Blades. Combo Packs. Commercial Cleaners. Corded Hammer Drills. Corded Jigsaws. Corded Reciprocating Saws. Diamond Blade Accessories. Diamond Core Drill Bits. Die Grinders.

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Domestic Pressure Washers. Electric Lawnmowers. Half Sheet Orbital Sanders. Heavy Duty Breakers. Impact Drills. Inspection Cameras. Includes Bosch GOS Jigsaw Blades. L Class Dust Extractors. Laser Accessories. Laser Range Finders. Levels and Levelling Instruments. M Class Dust Extractors.

Medium Duty Breakers. Miscellaneous Saw Blades. Multi Function Tools. Other Angle Grinders. Other Combi Drills. Other Drill Drivers. Other Impact Wrenches.

Other Jigsaws. Other Orbital Sanders. Includes Bosch Sanding plate soft, mm View Product s. Other Reciprocating Saws. Palm Sanders. Percussion Drills. Random Orbital Sanders. Reciprocating Saw Blades. Robotic Lawnmowers. Green - fine: General purpose hand pad for cleaning and finishing. It can also be used for lacquer de-nibbing and mat finishing on solid surfaces.

Black - medium: For medium to coarse finishing and blending. Brown - coarse: Heaviest duty pad in the range. Used for light deburring, cleaning and finishing applications, e. Pack of 6 Handy book with 1 of : white, grey, maroon, green, black and brown. Remains abrasive throughout the block.

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Alternate flaps of abrasive and interleaved with a versatile high quality nylon. Suitable for: deburring, producing cosmetic finishes on most materials, rust removal and blending. They will produce a high density crisp finish. Used in conjunction with polishing compounds.

Fix Any NICD Bosch Battery PST 14.4V Rotak 37 LI Rotak 43 LI 14.4v 36v 9.6v

Work extremely well in deburring applications, will leave a very high quality fine finish. Maximum RPM. Grade, size or product can be changed quickly and easily. Discs have no centre nut. Suitable for use with all types or portable drills, grinders, etc. Can be used as a disc or wheel. Discs have no centre nut allowing all of the disc surface to be used, reducing production costs. Suitable for use with all types of portable drills, grinders, etc.

Can be used on-face as a disc or onedge as a wheel. Their maximum operating speed is suitable for most right angle tools. The Roloc attachment system allows discs to be rapidly changed. Diameter Colour Density Grade Max. The bristles allow you to create an incredibly uniform finish, even around protrusions, detail grooves, patterns and other hard to r areas.

Rapidly achieves the finish you require and has a longer life than traditional abrasive products. The Bristle Brush cleans threads without damaging them and welds, as well as removing rust, corrosion and paints - Ideal for aerospace, general engineering and metal fabriction applications. Pre-cut sheets on a roll are packed in a convienient centre pull dispenser pack. Non-aggressive wheel structure makes it suitable for de-burring, blending, cleaning, polishing, de-flashing plastics, removing oxides etc.

Eye guards and tool rests are not essential for this product. EX3 is an excellent product for customers who are accurately measuring the value of the products used. Nominal Density Colour Max. Nominal Density Max. Features a highly flexible construction which is aggressive yet does not undercut or gouge parts. Use on moulds and dies to restore surface finish without changing the surface geometry. Grinding does not cause any change in shape. Suitable for cleaning and rust removal, fine deburring, priming metal surfaces to improve adhesion of subsequent coatings, removing colours from tarnishing and welding residues.

Ideal for removing old paint, rust and welding splatter without scratching the surface of the workpiece, cleaning and smoothing wood and plastic, polishing of stainless steel and removal of thermal bluing. Nominal Density Holder Max. Nominal Density Holder Grade Max. Produced by adhesively bonding and compressing web together to form a slab from which wheels are then cut from. High stock removal producing a very good finish. As there are no metal components used in the manufacture of these wheels, accidental damage to the work piece is eliminated.

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Ideally suitable for prepartion and cleaning of welds, rust removal and removal of discolouration. The new Purple XT disc product offers significantly improved life over the original black Clean n Strip, and the competitive equivalents, at a more competitive price. XT is designed primarily for pre- and post-weld cleaning in metal fabrication applications as well as the removal of rust and other coatings around the shop or in production environments.

Nominal Density Grade Max. Ideal for rust removal, preparing and cleaning welds. The threaded mounting allows rapid disc change when required. A flexible disc that cleans faster and lasts longer than conventional black clean n strip discs. Product Spindle Dia. MMM mm R mm S. For use with a regular sanding disc flexible backing pad. Fibre Backed For removing grinding marks and scratches leaving a greatly improved surface finish. For use with scrim backed pads listed below.

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M14 female thread. SE-DH Higher mineral content, slightly coarser and longer lasting. Used for heavy duty mopping operations on steel and non-ferrous metals. Also used for removing grinding marks left from previous abrasive operations.