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Human Relations, 7 2 , — Women, collaboration, and social change: An ethics-based model of leadership. Eds , Women and leadership: Transforming visions and diverse voices pp.

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My body, this paper, this fire. Theories and findings are applied to these topics, with conclusions and recommendations drawn throughout the book. A social psychological perspective. Language as social action, Vol.

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Co-Creative Leadership for a Potent Future. Mainstreaming diversity initiatives of an organization is only a beginning. Integrating the staggering creative potential of the two genders means organizational cultures will to benefit from the potent difference in thinking and acting that the truly co-creative partnership between men and women offers. The Centre for Gender Psychology has researched these issues for nearly two decades. Instead, the teaching is that every government is put in place by the sovereign will of God cf.

Psalm ; Daniel , and that all governments in all places are to be honored, respected, and obeyed by believers cf. Romans , Luke , Luke , Acts , and 1 Peter Exodus , Acts , and Daniel This is a bitter indisputable truth to generations of patriots of the country, as-a-matter-of-factly hindering Catholicism from becoming the main religion in Vietnam. Instead of following teachings from the Holy Bible to lead a pious life of a Catholic to become an exemplary being to help make words of Lord God Almighty well-materialized and best-influential for the betterment of the whole nation, some bishops misuse the power entrusted to them only to make the people at dioceses their subjects and themselves the Feudal Lords owning the dioceses as if these were their isolated kingdoms.

Freedom of speech and of expression can never be for creating problems to the majority of Catholics countrywide and to poor compatriots. This is to set it very clear that we the children of God bestowed by God on to Vietnam are prepared to annihilate without any mercy the invaders say from China or elsewhere, be them also the children of God.

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Vietnam First is the very motto of all the real patriots of Vietnam who pray God to bless their own country first. With the above in mind, and with the great impression instilled from the various statements of Your Holiness, e. The above incidents of abuse of power to besmirch the prestige of The Holy See also ignite the necessity of execution of power of Vatican against wrong-doers using the cassocks as camouflage and Vatican as protecting armor.

Much more than documents.

Excommunication is the only correct punishment imposed against the Vietnamese priests and bishops who order their diocese people to display fake Vatican Flags and rag flags at illegal protests, and lead a mundane life of lies, xenophobia, social disobedience, and morbid agitation for conviction of treason. Freedom of speech and expression includes the right whether of an individual or an organization to promote atheism or other beliefs. Any action against a regime on the pretext of its different religious belief is never a righteous observation of the freedom of speech and expression in the civilized world.

The Holy See should consider the official affirmation that the Vietnamese bishops ordained by The Holy See must honour the diplomatic relation between The Holy See and the Government Vietnam, must report to The Holy See whatever problems of their concern for The Holy See to take suitable diplomatic action with the diplomatic counterparts as per diplomatic practices bilaterally agreed upon by both sides, and must understand that they have no right whatsoever to gather and lead their diocese people for anti-government protests on behalf of The Holy See and deliberate use of Vatican Flag inn any occasions outside the church premises.

A Table explaining the Abbreviations made use of in this Book.

Author: Timothy M. Thibodeau William Durand. Your Access Options.

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